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Project Results

The following technical reports addressing new technologies that enable the use of DevOps for Cyber-physical Systems (CPS) development were completed during the project and have been made publicly available. Also available are published technical papers and journal articles by visiting our News section and clicking the Tag of interest. Click on any of the reports to download the document.

Setting-Up and Maintaining DevOps Pipelines
Report of practices collected through interviews and questionnaires
Catalogue of good and bad practices of DevOps for CPS
Automated bad practice detectors for CPS DevOps pipelines
Approach for the smart allocation of jobs on HiL and simulators, and build prioritisation

Automated bad practice resolution recommender for CPS
Methodology for setting-up CI/CD pipelines for CPS
Prototype tool for smart allocation of jobs on HiL and simulators, and build prioritisation

Verification & Validation and Security Assessment of DevOps pipelines
Prototype of a toolset supporting automated testing in co-simulated environments
Report on a high-level specification language for signal-based properties of CPS
Prototype of a toolset for code analysis of CPS
Prototype of a toolset for specification-based functional security testing of CPS

Prototype toolset supporting automated testing in physical environments
Prototype toolset for run-time verification of CPS
Prototype toolset for machine learning-enabled detection of vulnerabilities in CPS
Prototype toolset enabling balancing of co-simulation and physical testing
Prototype trace diagnostics toolset for checking signal-based properties of CPS
Prototype toolsets enhanced by machine learning supporting security vulnerability testing


Tools for High Quality CPS Software Evolution
Framework of metrics for production code anti-patterns for DevOps
Handbook of refactoring of production code + prototype refactorings

Test generation tool prototype

Complete framework of test generation and build schedule tooling

Tools for Monitoring, Self-healing, & Self-adaptability of CPS in the field
Prototype handling CPS Change & Behavioral models in CI/CD pipelines for CPS
Prototypes for the Quality Assessment and Monitoring of CPS in the Field

Tools enabling the Two-speed DevOps cycle for CPS
AI-based Prototypes supporting CPS self-adaptability
Complete framework, refining quality assessment and self-adaptability solutions

Integrated Platform
Final Version of the Integrated Platform

D7.4 Integrated Platform - Final Version.png
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