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International Workshop Hosted on Search-Based Software Testing (SBST 2022)

Zurich University of Applied Sciences organised the 15th International Workshop on Search-Based Software Testing (SBST 2022), which was co-located with the International Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE) on 9 May 2022 in Pittsburgh, USA, while University of Sannio hosted the Java Unit Testing Tool Competition. The 2nd edition of the Cyber-Physical Systems Testing Tool Competition was part of the SBST 2022 workshop. A video of the workshop is available here.

Search-Based Software Testing (SBST) is the application of optimising search techniques (for example, Genetic Algorithms) to solve problems in software testing. SBST is used to generate test data, prioritise test cases, minimise test suites, optimise software test oracles, reduce human oracle cost, verify software models, test service-orientated architectures, construct test suites for interaction testing, and validate real time properties (among others).

Zurich University of Applied Sciences and University of Sannio are organising as Guest Editors the special Special issue of Science of Computer Programming 2022 journal: "SBST’22: Search-Based Software Engineering – Tools" for publication of related articles. More details are available here.


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