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Article Published in Journal of Systems and Software

Fiorella Zampetti and Massimiliano Di Penta from University of Sannio in collaboration with Sebastiano Panichella from Zurich University of Applied Sciences have co-authored a journal article that has been published in the October 2022 edition of the Journal of Systems and Software published by Elsevier.

The article titled "An Empirical Characterization of Software Bugs in Open-Source Cyber-Physical Systems" examines Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) bugs from an open-source perspective to understand what kinds of bugs occur in a set of open-source CPS from different domains. The methodology involved analysing over 1000 issues from 14 projects related to drones, automotive, robotics, and Arduino, and applying a hybrid card-sorting procedure to create a taxonomy of CPS bugs, by extending a previously proposed taxonomy specific to the automotive domain. The taxonomy provides an overview of the root causes related to bugs found in open-source CPS belonging to different domains and root causes related to different components of a CPS, including hardware, interface, configuration, network, data, and application logic. The journal article is available for download here.


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