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COSMOS Co-hosts DevOps for CPS Shonan Meeting

Research and industry partners from the COSMOS project co-hosted the international Shonan Seminar addressing DevOps for CPS on 6-10 November at Kanagawa, Japan. The Shonan meeting provided a platform to discuss challenges and ideas in all aspects and phases of DevOps in the context of CPS, including how DevOps can further contribute to improving the efficiency of tomorrow's CPS development and evolution. Key discussions were organised along many dimensions of DevOps for CPSs, including DevOps pipelines (e.g. configuration management), functional and non-functional testing (including uncertainty testing), monitoring techniques, uncertainty detection, run-time verification, and maintenance. In addition, discussions addressed adapting existing techniques such as model-based testing, AI techniques (e.g. search algorithms and other machine learning algorithms), and digital twins for use in DevOps style development of CPS.

With over 50 experts on CPS from both academia and industry, the participants launched an initiative to create the first book on DevOps for CPS. Th book will collect challenges, bad/best practices, experiences, tools, gaps, and future directions in the field, and will guide future generations of experts moving forward on DevOps and testing automation for complex CPS. The book is expected to be published in late 2024. A meeting report is available at this link.


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