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COSMOS Presents at Cognitive Cloud Infrastructure Webinar

COSMOS project presented at the the “Cognitive Cloud Infrastructure” webinar, which took place on 26 March as part of the “ RIA Showcase” webinars that have been organized by the EUCEI initiative and support action project. The session gathered over 50 attendees and delved into the novel methods, techniques, and tools that contribute to an advanced European Computing Continuum as envisioned by the EUCEI initiative.

The webinar addressed critical challenges in the cloud-edge-IoT marketplace with special focus on: 1) the application of comprehensive DevOps paradigm on domains that are not currently supported by existing tools, such as Cyber-Physical Systems, Artificial Intelligence or IaC based software projects, and 2) the incorporation of AI techniques to enhance the management and orchestration of computing resources towards the realization of the Cognitive Cloud concept in Europe. More information is available including highlights of the webinar and links to the presentations at this link.


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