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COSMOS partners with BeamNG for simulator technologies

The COSMOS project has established a partnership with for simulator technologies to be used within the new DevOps environment for cyber-physical systems being developed in COSMOS. Project partner Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW) is coordinating the collaboration, which will provide advanced simulator capabilities for advanced automotive applications that utilise cyber-physical systems. is a versatile and comprehensive simulator with a custom physics engine made in-house. It can serve as an effective back-end for driver’s training applications, or a scenario-based testing environment for autonomous driving applications. provides users with vehicle models, assets, and a diverse selection of rural and urban themed maps to suit a range of needs. Additionally, their vehicle models are highly customisable and able to match any vehicle layout, with a plug-and-play style of component assembly for agile experimentation. Their approach to simulation very much compliments the DevOps methodologies for cyber-physical systems being developed in COSMOS.


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