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Paper presented at Mining Software Repositories Conference

Prof. Massimiliano Di Penta, Fiorella Zampetti, and Vittoria Nardone from University of Sannio co-authored a paper presented at the 19th Annual Mining Software Repositories Conference (MSR 2022) held virtually on 18-20 May and physically on 23-24 May 2022 in Pittsburgh, USA. The paper titled "Problems and Solutions in Applying Continuous Integration and Delivery to 20 Open-Source Cyber-Physical Systems", showcases the COSMOS development work to empirically analyse how CI/CD is enacted in CPS when considering the context of open-source projects, which often rely on hosted CI/CD solutions, and benefit of an open-source development community. The paper qualitatively analyses a statistically significant sample of 670 pull requests from 20 open-source CPSs hosted on GitHub, to identify and categorise—also keeping into account catalogues from previous literature—bad practices, challenges, mitigation, and restructuring actions. Paper is available for download here.


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