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Inaugural Workshop hosted on Natural Language-Based Software Engineering Workshop (NLBSE)

Zurich University of Applied Sciences organised the 1st International Workshop on Natural Language-based Software Engineering (NLBSE 2022), which was co-located with the International Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE) on 8 May 2022 in Pittsburgh, USA. The workshop has emerged from the COSMOS development work addressing tools to support user-oriented maintenance and testing, as well as the development and assessment of CPS change and behavioural models. There is a widespread and growing usage of NLP approaches to optimize many aspects of the development process of software systems. Indeed, during the software development lifecycle, natural language artefacts are used and reused. The availability of natural language-based approaches and tools enabled the envisioning of methods for improving efficiency in software engineers, processes, and products. Videos of the workshop are available here: Part 1 and Part 2.

Zurich University of Applied Sciences is organising as Guest Editor the special Special issue of Science of Computer Programming 2022 journal: "NLP-based software engineering. 2022" for publication of related articles. More details are available here.


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